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Masking or Revealing One’s Self?

Today, as the end of 2017 is nearly upon us, I was cleaning up some things to make room for new projects. And in the process, I found a pile of my mother’s papers that I hadn’t gone through since she died 2 years ago, two days before Christmas. One item I found was a large, shell necklace that I remember her wearing, and more than the way it looked, I remember the jingling of the seashells as they bounced against her when she moved. The necklace was not something I would wear, but, it seemed to me that I needed to save it. Then it as I listened to it jingle in my hands, I realized it might be just what I’d been waiting for as part of the finishing touches on a mask I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. Sometimes it takes a while to finish things…

Here you see both a view of the mask as it was being created on my face, using plaster and a gentle touch, with my feline friend observing and overseeing the care going into the process…and, this is the mask as it was until today…

Tomorrow, once the seashells are adhered and safe enough to handle the mask, I will post the next stage of the mask. I’ll say more about the internal process of this creative project then ~


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