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Jack the Dog

It’s been a few days since I’ve been in my studio, but on Saturday attended an all-day workshop learning the basics of encaustic and encaustic collage. Encaustic in its basic form is a technique that involves using bees wax mixed with resin and pigment, and heat to fuse the wax. Encaustic pieces are done in layers, fusing each layer as you go.

I was experimenting on a 6×6 encaustic board, applying color, fusing with different types of heat, such as a heat gun and creme brûlée torch, when Jack the Dog suddenly appeared on my board. He had been present all morning, in the conversation, as well as in the bits of hair that would inevitably find a home in our wax creations.

I was honored to have Jack take a nod in my first finished creation of 2018. And in a few weeks, we’ll enter the Chinese New Year, which incidentally, is The Year of the Dog.

Woof woof!

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