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Any Mark…

…is better than No Mark. These few words guided me today as I hesitated for hours before making any marks on this underpainting. It took me all day, hemming and hawing about how to start, where to start, when to start and finally at 5:30 I just put some marks down on paper. This is a very small bit of progress on my water wheel, but it is that. Progress. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve developed with watercolor has been for me to return to any piece once I’ve left it for the day. Today, a few small steps that begin to break down the resistance to going back in. Any mark is better than no mark at all. I’d love to know what your biggest challenges are, as you pursue your creative spirit. Leave me a note, and I’ll definitely respond ~

2 Responses to “Any Mark…”

  1. Kathy Plamondon

    First note is that your underpainting is worthy of being a finished product on its own. Wonderful movement of the pigments and emotional response to the colors.

    For me, the challenge is also moving to the next level. Usually the first level comes from deeply within me and after that is accomplished it is like waking from a dream and trying to tell another of its wonder. Every stroke on the first response is either a step toward or away from that end. I forget that I can make adjustments and try to enjoy the journey….if “enjoy” is actually an accurate descriptor.

    • Linda Lee

      I love your description of your creative process. 🙂 and thanks for the feedback on my piece! Keep on painting and posting !


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