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Do I Love Nature?

Lupine study

I am asked to contemplate these questions:
Do I love Nature? Does nature love me?

It seems simple enough…Do I love Nature? Yes!
Does Nature love me? Yes!


How do I know that nature loves me? How does nature know that I love her? How do I show my love of nature to Nature?

Well, what is love? …A feeling of connection? Appreciation? Respect? More?


Do I feel a connection with nature…well, yes, I feel the wind caress my skin, and feel the call to be closer to her and outdoors more often. Yet, at times, I reject her. The cold, the rain, the wind, the burning sun…

Dear Nature,
I apologize for not loving You unconditionally. I do appreciate all of You, even though I have preferences for Your mood and style.
Thank You, for tolerating my ignorance. I am still learning how to love…


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