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Day 3: Primary Colors

Primary Pears

I’m having loads of fun, even if I’m a little behind the daily schedule…


Primary Pears 2

The Primary Colors prompt taught me that I am just not particularly interested in, nor attracted to painting with straight-on primary colors. I weighed my options, maybe I’d just skip this one,  or come up with my own prompt, since there aren’t any rules to the July 2018 World Watercolor Month… But being usual “good” student self, my conscience and analytical brain just couldn’t imagine slacking when it got difficult. So here it is.

The original layout had three pears, each in yellow, red, and blue-ish. However, I didn’t care for the way the third pear looked in the frame, so it got cropped down to two, and then I fiddled with the background. Maybe I should have left it alone?

Yesterday, preoccupied with holiday celebrations, I didn’t get into the studio outside of my imagination. While there was no paint hitting the paper, I was totally working on the plan for it. Really! Since my photo reference has a lot of blue in it, the next post will be a combo Day 4 and 5: Family Moment and Shades of Blue.

See you then!

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