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Challenges, Making My Marks…

I’ve made myself a promise ~ not a goal, nor a resolution, but a promise ~ to paint or draw every day.

And to help me get the paint flowing in the right direction, I joined the Strada Easel January 2019 Challenge…which they hold at least twice a year, maybe more. The premise (er, promise) is to complete one drawing or painting every day, from life ~ not a photo or my imagination ~ for thirty-one days.

If I can manage it, my name will go into a hat, a very large hat with several hundred (or thousand) other artists from around the world, which in the end might randomly win me a new Strada Easel. But that’s just a happy coincidence. The main reason for my promise is to get into the habit of placing a pencil or paintbrush in my hand and making a mark, or two, or three… onto paper, on a daily basis. Otherwise, there is always something else I should do, or ought to do, first.

To that end, here are the first six of January 2019. The style of the above watercolors is based on what I have (so far) learned from Andie Thrams. I’ve had the great pleasure of attending three of her watercolor workshops, and learned several truly amazing techniques that help to create magical and illuminated paintings. I’m still learning…

3 Responses to “Challenges, Making My Marks…”

  1. kathyplamondon

    Good for you committing to making art every day. I know firsthand how challenging that can be. I love your watercolor style and look forward to more paintings.



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