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A little coffee, a straw, and…

I never really believed that working interfered with my time for art.

Well, I sort of knew it did, but  deep down I thought I was making excuses rather than it actually being true. But week two of the daily challenge has proven to be just that, a challenge! Back to work now after a holiday break, everyone and everything was (and still is) calling my attention. Nearly every day this past week I’d find myself looking at the clock and sighing. It would be 9:30 at night, and literally I had to decide: a) do I care enough about this silly challenge to draw/paint something, and b) if so, what would be simple enough to do right now – because I’m toast. Well, I managed it, and here’s the second set, seven consecutive days of the #stradaeasel challenge.

I think now that I’ve completed four in a series of fall foliage watercolors, I’m going to move into a more fluid coffee and walnut ink series like the last image shown above. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s afternoon workshop with artist Davey Cadaver at Vancouver Art Space, and my friend (and also artist) Jane Wolfe, using coffee as a painting medium, with walnut based inks, and layering in a bit of watercolor. I could add more to the coffee and ink paintings to finish them, but for now, they are complete.

Have a happy week!

3 Responses to “A little coffee, a straw, and…”

  1. kathyplamondoncaveartist

    Great post! I can relate to the distractions. Even when I am creating art for jobs, it is not the same as creating art for my own personal expression. I am inspired to try to do something, however small, each day for my own art. I love the coffee bouquets. I can almost smell them.

    • Linda Lee

      Thanks Kathy! I heard of someone doing 1×1 inch squares daily, which I thought was an incredible feat. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I haven’t seen posts from you lately…keep up the good work!


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