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It has been a very productive (and sometimes stressful) week, both in and out of the studio. More than once I considered dropping out of the Strada Easel 31-day challenge, and each time I’ve talked myself into sticking it out. Not because of a misplaced sense of commitment to the challenge, or to anyone who happens to be reading my posts. No, I’ve stuck it out because I have known for a long time that a daily practice of anything leads to improvement. That’s why, when I look back over the days and notice little bits of progress, I get jazzed. It’s not likely that anyone else notices, but that’s not the point.

The point? I want to continue to see progress, improvement, forward momentum. That gives me hope, and helps me carry on ~

Over this long holiday weekend (it’s MLK day tomorrow), I’ve been diving into cold wax and oil with Serena Barton. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this class for months.  I’ve also been taking a weekly collage and mixed-media class at Clark College with Susan Cowan. Between those, the coffee and walnut inks workshop, and actually working at my “job,” it sure is a challenge to find energy and enthusiasm to paint or draw from life, especially after these very full and long days.

Yet, it is totally worth it.

I am certainly getting clearer about what calls to me, inspires me… and what doesn’t. When I’m tired, drained, exhausted, pooped… (can you tell what kind of week it’s been?) …in order to even pick up a pencil I have to really care about whatever it is I will be drawing. I have to feel a tug somewhere in the center of my being, even if it’s faint.

The best part? With the intensity of immersion, I may even (really?) be starting to get a glimpse of why I’m painting. Is that possible to really know?

…more to come.

Meanwhile, follow the thread to the center of your own being, and have a happy week!

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