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Friends of a Feather

Ten years is a long time to be away from friends, but that’s how long it had been since grad school – when the Lunch Bunch gathered nearly every Monday and sometimes Tuesday, over the course of four years. We laughed, cried, complained, planned, and yes, we ate lunch. Coffee and chocolate were key.

The idea of a reunion was hatched over the telephone last December after I learned one of us had been struggling with mysterious symptoms that were debilitating. It didn’t take long to get everyone on board, sadly with one exception who could not be coerced, cajoled, or convinced to come. A common date was found in April, the hard part would be settling on a location. We needed 6 bedrooms, an airport location that was a hub, and centrally located to accommodate all our traveling, and also be reasonably priced. Chicago was out. Next time, though, we’ll also consider climate more carefully, and aim for someplace or some time that’s warmer.

The weather or climate didn’t matter to us though. After ten years, it was as though no time had passed. Nothing of the best in us had changed, though we had certainly grown in those years. The reunion was wonderful, generously packed with laughter, tears, stories, lessons, ideas, encouragement, and of course good food, including homemade nachos, coffee, and wine. I will say that I have not talked about psychological ideas at such great length in many, many years…

Early on in our planning, I decided to paint these 5 bookmarks for the gals. Each having their own personality, in some way to match theirs. My references were actual feathers I have collected. After painting them, they were coated with wax, trimmed, and then a small hole was punched near the top and a satin ribbon of blue or white was tied through it.

The one of us with a mysterious medical condition discovered what it was, and at the last minute was unable to join us due to increased symptoms and inability to drive or fly. A feather bookmark will be waiting for her at our next gathering.

Reunion of Smiling Faces

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